Print statements only for those who owe money

By default, this is the Batch Report Manager's usual behaviour. It will only print/email those documents that have activity on them.

Consider the following list in the Batch Report Manager, as shown after you have run your statements in Step 2:

100-101   Mr Smith     [ 14 ]
201-222   S Sweeney    0
313-300   A Martin      [ bal ]

This indicates there are 14 items on the statement for Mr Smith, 0 items on Sweeney's statement, and Martin's statement only shows there is a balance brought forward from last month.

If you move to Step 3 and print your reports, by default the report for Sweeney will not print as there is no activity.
If you do wish to print the empty statement for their reference, tick the box "Include reports with no activity" above the list of reports, before you print or email.

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