Advantage Database prerequisite for networks

The Advantage Database Server is NOT required for PRO1 Transactor Lab Manager for 1 PC, so if you intend to install Transactor Lab Manager on just one PC you can skip this topic.

The Advantage Database Server IS a prerequisite for Transactor Lab Manager multi-user networked versions, and we will supply the licence for this.

1. Description

From version 7, Transactor Lab Manager requires SAP's Advantage relational database to be installed on your network server PC.

2. Database Costs

Not required by PRO1 Transactor Lab Manager for 1 PC

There are no database costs for single Transactor Lab Manager for 1 PC. This is because SAP does not charge us (the makers of Transactor Lab Manager) for 'local server' database licences. 

Required by Multi-user networked Transactor Lab Manager

Your network server (or main PC) needs to have the SAP Advantage Database Server (ADS) running on it.

There are no mandatory annual maintenance charges for Advantage Database Server, however periodical updates may be needed to stay up to date and safeguard business continuity. Chargeable updates are not more frequent than once every two years.

 3. Benefits

  • High performance even with large data sets
  • Live backup and replication for multi-user networked systems
  • Reliable fault-tolerant data storage with no need to do data archives


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