Configuring Transactor for Bupa (Oasis) invoicing

Note, if you send invoices and receive jobs through Bupa/Oasis' online portal, you may not need to complete the steps in this article.

In order to follow the requirements as set out by Bupa/Oasis you will need to configure Transactor Desktop with the appropriate information, as detailed below. These instructions will allow you to email Bupa/Oasis practices or head office with PDF files that follow their requirements. Transactor Desktop meets the Bupa/Oasis requirements for PDF invoicing. ie. if you are NOT using the Bupa/Oasis online portal for invoicing.

Step 1

If you have received a PO # on orders from Bupa/Oasis, you should enter this in the "Your Ref" box on your jobs.

Step 2

If you wish to email the invoices directly from Transactor Desktop, you will need to configure the Transactor Emailer. If you will be using your own email software for emailing the invoices, you do not need to configure the Transactor Emailer. 

If you wish to email your invoices to Bupa/Oasis head office, you should make sure that the Bupa/Oasis lab payments email address is available in the list of SEND TOs as a 3rd party email address. Alternatively, you can simply output your Transactor documents to 'FILE PDF' then attach those to emails in your usual email software.

If you will be emailing directly to each practice, ensure you have added the practice's email address to the practice's "primary email" box.

To add the Bupa/Oasis lab payments email address as an available output, follow the article Email myself first with copies in first run, and ensure you use the email address for Bupa/Oasis head office.

Step 3

In T7: Enable the Bupa/Oasis reports. You can do this from the Report menu on the Main Form, by selecting Report > Special Reports > Enable Special Reports. On the screen that appears, select "Oasis reports" in the "Choose Report type" box before clicking OK.

Note, if you do not see the option to Enable Special Reports, you do not need to perform this step.

The Bupa/Oasis reports are not available in Transactor V8 as they have been superseded by the Bupa/Oasis online portal.

Step 4

Add the "Oasis" tag to Transactor Desktop.
  • In the Control Centre click 'Advanced' (top left)
  • Click 'Tags' (on the vertical menu on the left), Click on "Customer" in the Type box and look at the list of tags in the box to the right of it: If you do not have an "Oasis" tag available, you can add it by clicking on the green plus icon. Add a tag with the name "Oasis".

Step 5

Enter the Bupa/Oasis practice reference numbers and tag.
  • In the Control Centre click 'Setup Wizard' (top left)
  • Click the 'Practices' category (on the left)
  • Locate your first Bupa/Oasis practice in the list, double click on them to allow editing of their details
  • Enter the practice's Bupa/Oasis reference into the 'Group reference' box
  • Click the green "plus" icon next to the "Tags" box then select the "Oasis" tag from the list and click Select
  • Repeat this process for each of your Bupa/Oasis practices.
  • Once you've been through all your Bupa/Oasis practices you can close the Control Centre by clicking on the "Close" button.

Step 6

Transactor Desktop will need to know the equivalent Bupa/Oasis codes for each of your products. The Bupa/Oasis group should provide you with the codes they use.

You can map your product codes Using the Product Code Mapper

To produce your monthly invoices

To create the Bupa/Oasis summary invoices use the Batch Report Manager (BRM) described in Printing monthly invoices and statements, but follow these steps:

Open the Batch Report Manager (from the Tools menu)

On Step 1, choose "Practices by Tag" and select the "Oasis" tag

On Step 2, choose "Practice Summary Invoice - Oasis" and select the correct period.
If you are not being offered this Oasis report in the menu, ensure you enabled the Oasis reports by following Step 3 of this guide.

When you're ready to produce PDF files to send to Bupa/Oasis, move to Step 3 then change the target to either:
 "Email to customer primary email" to email to the practice, or
 "Email to Oasis group" (if this is available) to email to the Bupa/Oasis group payments address, if you added this earlier, or
 "File PDF (c:\transactor\files)" which will save the PDF invoices on your PC's hard drive in the "C:\Transactor\Files" folder for you to email later.

In either case, once you've made your choice click the large "Send" button to create the PDF files.

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