Implementing custom invoicing requirements

The good news for the dental lab managers who have unusual invoicing requirements is that Transactor Desktop has several variations of invoice templates. In addition to the ones shown in the default menu, there are more which can be viewed and enabled in the Control Centre. (Control Centre > Advanced > Reports & Tasks). Product codes, descriptions and prices are easy to change (and/or add to). All documents ( eg. Invoices, Quotes, Statements, Reports) can be emailed as PDFs directly to customer's email addresses as given in the customer record. Copies or originals can also be emailed to 'static' email addresses which can be set up as 'Send To' options. (Control Centre > Setup Wizard > Send To's). 

As a bonus, if a lab wishes to retain it's existing Product/Service codes, it can do so as Transactor Desktop is able to substitute other 3rd party codes when printing the documentation as appropriate for specific customers. It does this with the use of the new Product Code Mapper utility. A lab manager may enter up to 3 alternative codes for each of the existing 'native' codes in use.

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