System Requirements

Specifications for Transactor Desktop V8

Operating System:   Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.  (32 or 64-bit editions)
(The Transactor Desktop application will not run on Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows RT, but check below for the online requirements)

Hard drive space:     Minimum 100MB.   Recommended 1 GB +
(the size of your database will grow with use)

RAM:  Any modern low/medium or high spec PC will have sufficient memory

For Networked / Multi-user systems see : Add another Transactor Desktop PC on a network

Specifications for Transactor Cloud

Transactor Cloud is accessed via a web browser, so any device running a modern browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari) should be sufficient.

Most Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple OSX and iOS devices should be suitable, although a physical keyboard and mouse is preferable, as well as a tablet sized screen or greater.

Your chosen device should also be connected to the internet.

Synchronising Transactor Desktop and Cloud orders

Transactor Desktop from version 8.1 will allow you to view the past 3 months of Transactor Desktop "T" jobs online via a web browser, for any of your dentists that are registered on Transactor Cloud. (1)

You can also receive jobs directly from dentists/practices and manage these jobs online, with both parties able to add attachments and messages. (2)

Both parties will need to register for free with the Transactor Cloud service, and can access the interface via any device with a web browser and internet connection.

The optional sidebar app requires a Windows computer or tablet.

Receiving jobs electronically from your customers (2) requires additional fees

To synchronise your Transactor Desktop orders with Transactor Cloud, your main Transactor PC should be connected to the internet and running the TC Connector utility (provided with a fresh install or version update).

Apple Mac

The Transactor Desktop software will run on an Apple Mac with virtual machine 'emulator' software such as Parallels or VMWare, or via BootCamp. More..

It is also possible to use remote desktop software (such as LogMeIn or Teamviewer) to access a Windows machine running Transactor Desktop (for example, at home), from the Mac desktop. See below.

The Transactor Cloud portal can be viewed via a web browser on your Mac, so jobs synchronised to the Cloud portal can be viewed when you're not at your Transactor Desktop computer. More...

Remote working, working from home or other office locations

You can easily work remotely from any PC or Apple Mac that is connected to the internet. See any of the many available facilities from these links or ask your IT person to set you up.

If you have Transactor Desktop installed on a network at the lab, you may also be able to work from other office locations, or from home, by using Microsoft's built-in networking tools. Ask your IT professional.

The Transactor Cloud lab portal can be viewed via a web browser from any device, so jobs synchronised to the Cloud can be viewed when you're not at your Transactor Desktop computer. More...

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