I have an Apple Mac - Can I use Transactor Lab Manager?

Transactor Lab Manager will run on an Apple Mac with 'emulator' or 'virtualisation' software such as Parallels, VMware Fusion or Boot Camp. Note we can only provide basic support for these third-party utilities.

It is also possible to use remote desktop software (such as LogMeIn or TeamViewer) to access a Windows PC running Transactor Lab Manager, from the Mac desktop. See Remote working / Working from home / Other office locations


Transactor Lab Manager will run on a Mac by first installing a virtual machine such as one of those listed above. Alternatively you may consider purchasing an additional, basic, inexpensive Windows PC or laptop.

With all the virtual machine options listed above you will still need a valid Windows licence and installation media (DVD/CD) in order to install Windows. If you have an old obsolete licence and CD for Windows, from an old computer for example, you may be able to use this.

Note that we can only offer basic technical support for these solutions. Ask your Supplier or IT person.

Transactor Systems Ltd cannot be held responsible for your computer or the data held on it.


If your virtualisation software has a feature to allow a Windows application to behave as if it's running as an Apple Mac application, without a visible Windows desktop, (such as the Coherence or Crystal features of Parallels, or Unity in VMWare Fusion) you should DISABLE this feature to prevent visual glitches and unnecessary slow-downs.

About Boot Camp

This utility is included free with Apple OSX 10.5 Leopard onwards, and will allow Intel based Macs to run Windows as an 'alternate' operating system. That is to say that on starting up the Mac, you can choose to load into Windows, or Mac OSX - and hence only use the applications you have installed on the particular system you chose, until you restart the Mac and choose the other system. You can access files between Windows and OSX, however. You will still need a valid Windows licence and install CD to use Boot Camp. Please check the system requirements on Apple's Boot Camp support pages.

About desktop-based virtual PC emulators

The following software will allow you to run Windows within its own window on the OSX desktop, so you will not need to restart the machine in order to swap between Windows and Apple OSX. With the exception of Oracle's VirtualBox these utilities are not free, and you will also still need a valid Windows licence and installation media for all these options. Note that these utilities will effectively allow 2 computers to run from the same machine at the same time (Windows and Mac OSX) so your system may run slower due to the additional processing required.

ParallelsVMware Fusion, VirtualBox

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