Backup on exit Transactor Lab Manager

"How can you do a backup to a memory stick on closing?"

If you have a single user (1 PC) Transactor Lab Manager:
 This is available when you exit. The backup window has a button where you can set your preferred backup location. You may want to consider backing up to an online storage location (a Cloud Drive) so your backups are held securely offsite and can be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Any online storage/cloud facility that allows you to create a mapped drive on your computer can be used by Transactor Lab Manager for online backups. Check the notes at the end of this article.

If y
ou have a multi-user networked Transactor Lab Manager, it doesn't prompt automatically on exit:

The backup for networked versions has to be done on the Server only. Use the Transactor Backup shortcut which should be on the server's desktop, or in the Windows Start Menu folder

The new backup is robust and doesn't mind if other users have forgotten to log out of Transactor Lab Manager.

NB. However, as a general rule it's still better to be in the habit of closing Transactor Lab Manager on all PCs and the server at the end of the day before clicking the main Transactor Backup shortcut. (even if you also have un-attended backups setup for earlier or later).

Nothing should stop you from doing extra backups a few times during the day from the server without needing to log others out. A midday backup would certainly help your lab if you have a major PC crash in the afternoon as you won't lose that morning's work.

There is a further advantage with the multi-user backup utility, that it can be run unattended and scheduled (from version 8.2), so Windows Scheduler can run un-attended backups in the background. A manager's dream for peace of mind.

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If you wish to synchronise your backups with another computer (such as allowing you to continue working from home after leaving the lab) you can either backup to a memory stick at the end of the day, and then take this with you and restore from the backup file on the second computer, or if you have internet access on both computers, and an online storage account, you can backup and restore using the internet. There are many free online storage services available. Check the following article for configuring for cloud based backup/restore:

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