Add another Transactor PC on a network

In short

Call us to discuss prices for adding extra user licences to your Transactor setup. We recommend quality low-cost Microsoft Windows PCs as workstations, and a beefier PC as the main PC (the Server).  


Transactor runs ok on all modern Windows PCs, so you can buy any good quality Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC. You may also be able to use Apple Macs as clients (workstations) but that's between you and your local IT technician as you'll need their help.

Pass this info onto your IT engineer who will connect your PCs together on a network.  

A computer running Windows Server edition is not essential for smaller systems (1 - 3 PCs)  because the database will run very well on any reasonable specification Windows PC. We'd recommend Windows 7 or above if you are buying a new PC with the intention of using it as the server PC. Of course a dedicated server will be desirable on larger networks, with UPS etc.

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