Modify the manufacturing statement on the patient statement

To modify the text on the patient statement you have two options. You can just add a simple line of text to the bottom of the report, or with a graphics package you can modify the MDD text itself.

The simplest method would be to add the simple text:

  • In Control Centre, choose Advanced then Reports.
  • Double left click on the Patient Statement (A4) or Patient Statement (A5), whichever one you usually produce.
  • Scroll down the displayed list of commands until you reach the line that begins with a number and then the words "Custom Message". Double click that line
  • Enter your text in the large box, removing the text "Type your custom message text here..." if it's present.
  • Click on the Active box at the top of the screen so that it contains a tick in the box
  • Click OK to close the editor, and OK again to close the report

If you want to modify the full manufacturing text, you will need to modify the image that is used. Ask us to send you the image file and you will then need to edit it with some graphics software. Once you have an image you're happy with you need to visit the Images page of the Control Centre, click Advanced, then double-click the line named "MDD text A4" or "MDD text A5", then import your image.

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