Using Transactor to run multiple companies

Transactor is ideal for administering multiple dental laboratories.

With the appropriate additional licences you can run as many Transactor 'companies' as you wish. These can either be installed on the same PC, or in separate locations. 

These 'companies' can have a different name or be part of the same business with the same name. However somewhere in the company set-up a department or branch would be specified.

With it's multi-user, flexible design and proven industrial strength database Transactor is well placed to easily cope with the demands of larger dental laboratories and multi-company environments.

Simultaneous access

All multi-company data could be accessed from the same PC, or a separate PC on a local network, or internet network. Each company database could have it's own desktop icon, and the Transactor window for the different businesses can be opened 'side-by-side' concurrently if required.

Remote working / centralised access

The same Transactor abilities for remote-working apply to the multi-company installations, so scenarios such as a central office being able to access Transactor running live in any of the associated companies are realistic. Remote working / Working from home / Other office locations

User Privileges

Transactor has sophisticated user privilege protection.


Distinct from multi-co, but still relevant if any of those companies require more-than one concurrent user.

See  Add another Transactor PC on a network

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