How to use the EDI Remitter for receiving payment from Mydentist/IDH

When MyDentist pays your invoices, they will send you a remittance CSV file via email. You can process this file using the EDI Remitter - please refer to the help page linked below.

The Remitter uses a separate customer account as a repository for the full payment from MyDentist, and this credit is moved to the individual dentist accounts. Therefore, for clarity, a MyDentist customer account should be configured in your LabManager as follows, and this can be used when you receive your remittance from MyDentist:

  • Create a new customer account, using Customer menu > Select or Add New > Click the Add New button
  • Set the customer type as "Principal Account"
  • Name the account "MyDentist"
  • Either enter the MyDentist head office address details, or enter something simple, such as a dash, or "TBC". The address is not important.
  • Click OK to save the account. If you are asked if you want to link the account to a practice, choose No.

When you receive your remittance from MyDentist, use this guide to process it, and choose the "IMPORT REMITTANCE" button from the main screen.

EDI Remitter

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