Synchronising your data with a Cloud Drive

Regardless of how many (concurrent) user licences you have, you may freely install Transactor Desktop on as many other computers or devices as you wish. eg. Providing your accountant with a working copy, or to work from home. 

Note: Also consider internet remote control to allow one or more simultaneous users, as described in Remote working / Working from home / Other office locations

Backing up your Transactor Desktop data to a Cloud Drive

You can backup your Transactor Desktop data to a location on the internet, such as your Google Drive or Dropbox space. This copy of your data is held in a safe location (known as a Cloud Drive or Cloud Folder) until you need it. Note that many free online cloud storage solutions are available.

If you haven't already done so on your computer, Configure your Cloud Drive.

Now when you backup, your data will be available on any other computers that you've installed your cloud drive on - within the time period specified by your cloud provider, and dependent on your internet connection.

Configure Transactor Desktop to backup to your cloud drive by clicking on the "Options" or "Change" button on the Transactor Backup interface, and locating your cloud drive's letter.

Restoring your Transactor Desktop data from a Cloud Drive backup

You may restore your data directly from your cloud drive. For users who wish to work on their computer at the lab during the day, and then transfer the data to their home PC to work on in the evening, this is a very useful ability.

To import your backed up data into the same Transactor Desktop version on your second computer, run the "Restore Transactor" icon from your Windows Start Menu > Transactor folder, then browse to the mapped drive and choose the backup file you uploaded earlier.

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