Configuring Transactor Desktop for Mydentist/IDH invoicing

To create CSV files for invoicing Mydentist / IDH, you will need to complete the steps in this document, as well as have access to the EDI Invoicer. 

How to get the EDI Invoicer
    This utility is part of the Commercial Module add-on. Users of Transactor Desktop version 7.0803 onwards will find the add-ons available in the Add-Ons menu.

    You will need to have a licence to use the utilities in the add-on.

    (If you don't have the Add-Ons menu available, you should speak to our experts about upgrading to the latest version of Transactor Desktop

Mydentist/IDH CSV requirements - (introduced January 2014)

From January 2014, Mydentist/IDH began rolling out their latest invoicing requirements to labs. Mydentist now require a CSV file to be emailed to them, containing the invoice data for the month. We have developed a tool for Transactor Desktop that will provide this information, which will also mean less work for labs when invoicing Mydentist at the end of the month.

Please check the instructions above to obtain the EDI Invoicer utility that is required to follow these steps.

These instructions will help you to produce invoices in the Mydentist/IDH preferred format as at the time of writing.


You will only need to perform these setup steps once, although if you add new dentists in the future you will need to add their GDC number and tag them as 'Mydentist' or 'IDH'.

Step 1

If you have received Patient Reference numbers on orders from Mydentist you should always enter these on the PATIENT line item on your jobs. 

Step 2

Enter your lab's Mydentist details into Transactor Desktop, by following these steps:

  • In the Control Centre click 'Setup Wizard' (top left)
  • Click 'My Company' (on the left), then click 'Edit this page' to allow modifications
  • Check your company details are correct and ensure you have entered your registered company number (ie. your company number as held by Companies House). Mydentist require you to enter this information.
  • Click on the "Other settings" category in the vertical menu on the left,  then click 'Edit this page' to allow modifications
  • In the appropriate boxes, enter your Mydentist/IDH account number and the country where your company is registered

Step 3

Enter the Mydentist practice reference numbers
, by following these steps:  
  • In the Control Centre click 'Setup Wizard' (top left)
  • Click the 'Practices' category (on the left)
  • Locate your first Mydentist practice in the list, double click on them to allow editing of their details
  • Enter the practice's Mydentist reference into the 'Group reference' box, then click OK
  • Repeat for each of your Mydentist practices

Step 4

Enter the dentist's GDC numbers and Mydentist/IDH tag, by following these steps:

First we just have to check that the 'Mydentist' or 'IDH' tag is an available customer tag in Transactor Desktop: 

  • In the Control Centre click 'Advanced' (top left)
  • Click 'Tags' (on the vertical menu on the left), Click on "Customer" in the Type box and look at the list of tags in the box to the right of it:  If you do not have a "Mydentist" or "IDH" tag available, you can add it by clicking on the green plus icon. Add a tag with the name "Mydentist".
Now we can edit the dentists, by following these steps:
  • In the Control Centre click 'Setup Wizard' (top left)
  • Click the 'Dentists' or 'Surgeons' category (on the vertical menu on the left).

The top box lists all your practices, by clicking on a practice you will then see all the dentists that work out of that practice listed in the lower box.
Find your first Mydentist practice and click on it. The dentists at that practice are then listed in the box below. 
  • Locate each of your Mydentist dentists in turn, you can double click on them to allow editing of their details
  • Enter the dentists's GDC number into the 'Group reference' box
  • Click the green 'Select Tag' ( + Icon ) and select the "Mydentist" tag
  • Click OK to save the dentist's details and repeat for any other dentists in the practice
You should not skip the above step to add the Mydentist/IDH tag to your dentists. Doing so will result in those missed dentists not appearing in your Mydentist run at the end of the month, and hence no invoice will be created.

If you do not have the GDC number, and Mydentist has been unable to supply it, you may be able to look it up on the GDC website:

Step 5

Transactor Desktop will need to know the equivalent Mydentist/IDH codes for each of your products. Mydentist codes are relative to whether the product's price is NHS, Private or Independent so you will need to determine the Mydentist code for each of your products using each price band that will be used on Mydentist jobs. For example, if you have an NHS price band you should only enter the NHS Mydentist product codes into the product code mapper for that price band.

You can map your product codes Using the Product Code Mapper

Note that when adding products to Mydentist/IDH jobs, you MUST use a price band and do not enter a custom price, as this will clear the price band associated with that product on that job. Without a price band, no work type will appear on the invoice. See Step 6 below.

Step 6

You will need to enter the Work Type next to your existing price bands, so these show on the CSV invoice. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Control Centre
  • Click Price Bands
  • Double click on a price band that is appropriate for products you produce for Mydentist
  • Enter the appropriate work type in the "Work type (optional)" box. eg. NHS, Independent or Private
  • Repeat for each price band that you might use for Mydentist work


Every month (or other period that you decide) you will need to use the EDI Invoicer from the Add-Ons menu. Note that this is part of the Commercial Module add-on. 

CSV Invoices:

Using the EDI Invoicer module

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