Merge a collection of Statements or Invoices into one for emailing as one file

LabManager's Batch Report Manager (BRM) is great for producing a run of statements or invoices with the option to 'SEND TO' printer, or EMAIL to customer etc. Sometimes you may want some or all of the run to go to one specified email address. This is available in the SEND TO [Specified Email Address] option, but in some cases you don't want each document as a separate attachment. For example, an email with 20 separate statement PDFs may not be ideal. The solution lies with combining the PDF files into one.

To create one single multi-page PDF file, simply use the "Preview as One Report" Send To channel on the final page of the Batch Report Manager. This will open the preview window and show you all your documents combined into one report.

Click the save icon (at the top left) to save the file, or click the envelope icon to email the file.

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