Export to bookkeeper's accounts program

Your book-keeper/accountant may be using an accounts program, such that your sales ledger information from Transactor Lab Manager forms part of the full company accounts.

In accounting terms Transactor Lab Manager is a Sales Order Processing system which contains a Sales Ledger. An accounts program will also contain a Purchase and Nominal Ledger. 

The CSV Exporter add-on will allow you to export data from Transactor Lab Manager as CSV files, which can be imported into many 
accounts programs. The CSV Exporter has templates available for many applications, and more templates are being developed continuously as requirements arise. This utility is part of the Commercial Module. Read more about this add-on here

However, as Transactor Lab Manager is very good at doing your invoicing (per job or as a summary), statements, payment allocations and controlling your debtors, you may only need to provide the transaction totals to your bookkeeper/accountant for entry into your main accounts.

As a minimum, your bookkeeper/accountant will want a weekly or monthly report with your transaction figures. The following reports are suitable for this purpose:


Report menu > Accounting > Managers Financial Report
Report menu > Accounting > Invoices In Period
Report menu > Accounting > Payments

In addition the following reports may be of interest to your bookkeeper at intervals:

Report menu > Sales > Customer, Invoice count
Report menu > Accounting > Aged Debtors


If your bookkeeper/accountant requests more detail in addition to the above, you may email them with a Summary Invoice for each customer (for the period). Use the Batch Report Manager to produce the Summary Invoice for all customers. On Step 3 choose to SEND to 'Preview as One File'. From the Preview Window, choose the Email icon (the envelope) and email to whoever you wish.

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