T6: Copy or duplicate Transactor data to another PC

This article relates to Transactor 6

On the Master (live) PC, do a backup. On the new PC which has a new blank or demoted Transactor installation, restore the backup file using the Maintenance Menu or by overwriting the whole tran61/lab/live/data folder. 


Procedure: Duplicating Transactor data to another PC

Possible reasons: Putting the data on a duplicate installation for viewing and printing, or to transfer the live system from one PC to another.

Source PC:
  • Do a normal backup when exiting Transactor. 
  • Look for the file on the backup drive whatever that is. 
  • Attach that file to an e-mail or copy to a memory stick. The file format is mmddhhmm.zip(month,month,day,day,hour,hour,min,min.zip - for example, 04081207.zip for a file created on the 8th April at 12:07). 
Target PC:
  • If you do not already have T6 installed on the new PC, install it now from your CD or download link
  • For existing installations, do a backup even it you think this PC doesn't have any useful data on it. A good habit because if you follow this rule faithfully before restoring any data to any PC, it will protect you from accidentally overwriting your live data with an older backup. 
  • Go to the Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Transactor v61, Maintenance Menu and choose Restore From Backup. 
  • Select the file that was e-mailed or copied to the memory stick, and click OK. 

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