T6: Install Transactor on another PC

This article relates to Transactor 6

This article describes how to install Transactor on another PC, either as a duplicate of your existing installation, or as a replacement. 

In short, you will need to perform a new install of Transactor on your new PC and 'Restore From Backup' using the Maintenance Menu found in (Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Transactor v61 > Maintenance Menu). If you have a version prior to v6.1 then see Troubleshooting for Computer Engineers at the end of this article.


1. Getting the Data from your original PC 

If you have already made a normal backup to a Removable Storage Device (RSD) eg. USB flash drive, then you can skip this step. 

If Transactor is able to open/run on the original PC simply exit and do your normal backup. If the backup is directed to your C: drive a compressed backup file (ending in .ZIP) will now be in your C:/ drive. Copy that file to a RSD. Be sure to identify the latest backup file you have made. 

If Transactor is not able to start, then ask your IT support technician to compress your Data folder into a 'zip' file, Rename the file to LABDATA.ZIP, and copy the file to an RSD. The Data folder path will be C:/TranXX/lab/live/data where XX is the version number.

2. Getting your customized logo (image files) from your original PC 

If you are not currently printing custom logos or other special images-with-text onto your documents then skip this step. 

On the original PC, copy any image files from the C:/TranXX/lab/exe folder. (*.bmp, *.wmf, *.jpg) to your RSD.

3. Installing Transactor on your new PC. 

You'll need to check the new PC is compatible with Transactor by reading the article "T6: System Requirements". If your new PC has a 64-bit operating system you may be able to install a virtual machine running 32-bit Windows, but you'll need the help of your IT technician to set this up. Alternatively you could upgrade to Transactor V8 which will run on 32 or 64-bit Windows.

Assuming your PC is compatible you can install Transactor from your CD or from a download link. (Do not install from the Trial download, or from an old installation CD if your system has been updated). Contact the Transactor Helpdesk if you need to be sent a link in an e-mail for downloading the latest compatible version of Transactor. (You may be asked to sign up for a subscription if you do not already have support cover) 

Now choose 'Restore From Backup' from the Maintenance Menu. (Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Transactor v61 > Maintenance Menu) 

Backup files are date timed so pick the appropriate file... (MMDDHHMM.zip) or use Windows Explorer to browse your memory stick and sort by column "Modified Date" for reference. 

For more help, contact the Transactor help desk.


The article "T6: Copy or duplicate Transactor data to another PC"

The article "T6: Creating and restoring from backups"

Troubleshooting for Computer Engineers

If the old PC is non-functional you'll need to locate the necesssary Transactor data to transfer to the new install. You'll need the live data folder from C:/tranXX/lab/live/data and any logo and image files from the lab/exe folder. Once you have installed a fresh Transactor on the new PC (see Step 3 above), just replace the data folder with the live data folder, and copy across the image files in to the lab/exefolder (overwriting when prompted). 

If the old Transactor installation version was earlier than 6.1X then it will need some special handling. If you have access to the original Transactor CD or same-version setup file, use that to install the same version of transactor onto the new PC. If the appropriate version of Transactor is not available then install the latest version of Transactor onto the new PC. The old data will need to be placed into a temp folder eg. C:/tranOld/data and then converted/imported into the new version, so when you have performed the prerequisites contact the helpdesk.

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