T6: Unable to print

This article relates to Transactor 6

Ensure the problem is specific to Transactor by attempting to print from another Windows application such as Notepad or MS Office Word. If you are unable to print from any programs at all then you will need to check your printer's status and possibly contact your IT support technician. 


If you are getting a "Print Server Is Busy" message 

  • In Transactor, from the Tools menu, choose Utilities
  • Click 'Clear Print Server is Busy' (there is no on-screen feedback after doing this) then click Close.
  • Exit Transactor and then restart Transactor

You should now be able to print but contact the help desk if you have any further problems. 

If you are trying to print but nothing appears to be happening 

Firstly, check you can print from other Windows applications. If not, please contact your IT support technician

  • In Transactor choose Tools > Printing Setup > Output Channels
  • Click 'Clear Printer Assignments'.
  • Click 'Assign Printer' on the rows next to any Printer rows where this Button is Visible.
  • In the Print Setup dialog, check the correct physical printer is selected and the Paper Size or other settings are correct.
  • If a 'Properties' button is visible (this depends on your printer software), click Properties and check your preferences (eg A4, Portrait, Economode etc).
  • Close or OK all the dialogs and exit Transactor
  • Shut down and Restart Windows.

You should now be able to print but contact the helpdesk if you have any further problems.

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