T6: MyDentist / IDH laboratory invoicing requirements

This article relates to Transactor 6

You have received notification from MyDentist / Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH) that they require all invoices to be supplied to them in CSV file format.


If your lab produces work for Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH) you may have been notified that they now require invoices provided in a CSV data file. Transactor V8 is able to produce IDH CSV files for emailing to them, via the Commercial Module add-on. We do not plan to update Transactor 6 to support these requirements.

If you need to produce the IDH CSV file invoices but do not wish to upgrade to Transactor V8, you may have to manually produce an Excel/OpenOffice spreadsheet instead (you will need to discuss this with IDH and obtain a template from them).

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