T6: Transactor has become unregistered

This article relates to Transactor 6

When trying to start Transactor, a message box states that "Transactor is unregistered, please register". You don't expect this because Transactor has been paid for and you are no longer using the trial.


Most likely something has triggered your Transactor to believe it is unregistered. The most common cause for this is you have recently made a change to your company name in the Setup Wizard. You may not have made the change on the same day that you see the error appearing. As your registration key is linked to your company name, even adding a "Ltd" onto the end of your company name will cause your key to become invalid.

To fix this, you can either alter your company name back to how it was previously, or if you need to keep the change to your company name you can contact the Transactor helpdesk with your old and new name along with your current and previous address/tel/e-mail. Please provide the new company name exactly as you wish it to appear on your invoices.

We will send you the new registration code usually within one working hour. If your company name or details have changed significantly, please provide a short explanation. If the address has changed we reserve the right to attempt to verify that the old details are no longer valid.

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