T6: Creating and restoring from backups

This article relates to Transactor 6

To perform a backup 

If your PC is set up as the Transactor backup PC, you can simply exit from Transactor and you will be prompted if you would like to perform a backup. Select this option and the backup will run.

If you are not presented with this option, either a different PC on your Transactor network has been designated as the backup PC or backups have not yet been configured. To configure backups you will need to enter the Setup Wizard:
  • Select Setup Wizard from the Tools menu 
  • Click Next until you reach the "Data Backups" window. If you do not come across this window it may be hidden, in which case you should return to the start of the Setup Wizard, click the Advanced button, put a tick mark in the box next to "Data Backups" then click OK and try again. 
  • On the Data Backups windows, tick the box next to "This is the Data Backup PC" and choose the drive letter for backups. "C" is usually the internal hard drive of your PC but we recommend backing up to an external device such as a memory stick, so you will need to know the drive letter for your device. 
  • The backup file will be created on the specified backup drive if the user requests it when shutting down Transactor. The file name will be MMDDHHMM.ZIP where MM = month, DD = day, HHMM = hour and minutes. 

To restore from a backup

This procedure will overwrite the data in Transactor with the data stored in a backup file chosen by the user - please be sure you want to do this, we recommend you only use this feature if instructed by Transactor Support. A backup will be created of the current data and stored in the Tran61/lab/backup folder when you initiate this procedure, in case you decide to roll back.
  • Ensure Transactor is closed, then open the Maintenance Menu found in the Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Transactor v61 folder. 
  • Check the "Database Location" shown at the bottom of the window is correct, and update using the "Set Database Location" button if necessary. 
  • Click the Restore From Backup button, then locate the backup file you would like to restore from. 
  • Your current data will be backed up, and then the selected backup file will be copied across to become your 'live' data. 
  • You may now re-open Transactor and check your data 


Unless you are sure or under instruction from Transactor support, we recommend you do not attempt to restore onto your live computer as you may inadvertently overwrite your new data with old.

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