T6: Finalised/Charged job - can I change it?

This article relates to Transactor 6

It depends. Yes if a posting/locking hasn't been done for upto and including that date. If the job is dated in a previous month, or is locked/posted, just raise a credit note then create a new job, remembering to back date it to when you chose Book Out Charge. 


Select the job onto the main form, choose Action > Modify. Transactor will either warn you "this job has been booked out charged, are you sure", or "This job has been locked and cannot be modified".

Recommended method:

Follow standard accounting practice - issue a credit note against it, then do a new job. You can easily do this by using the 'Action > New Credit note' menu item when the erroneous job/document is on the document form.

If you don't want to issue a credit note use one of the methods below:

If the job is not locked/posted (blue in Surgeon History): From the Action menu choose 'Modify'. You will get a warning.

If the job is locked/posted (black in Surgeon History): Use the credit note method above, or ring technical support who can talk you through un-locking/un-posting.

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