T6: Add your own custom text to a report

This article relates to Transactor 6

You may find it useful to add your own message to the bottom of your report, such as "Strictly 30 days" to the bottom of an invoice, or "High Street Dental is a trading name of HSD Limited." on the bottom of other reports. You can do this in one of two ways, depending on the type of report you wish to add the text to. 


You can add plain text to the bottom of some reports easily by using the "Message" box at the bottom of the Tools > Printing Setup > Printout Type Properties page. Within the Printout Type Properties page, select the report you wish to modify using the Printout Type box at the top left, then enter your text in the "Message" box at the bottom of the page.

You can add a message to most reports, with the exception of the following:

  • Invoice (A5)
  • Credit Note (A4), Credit Note (8 in)
  • Delivery Note (A5)
  • Query Document
  • Job Ticket (A4), Job Ticket (Label)
  • Address Labels
  • Booked In Items Summary
  • Aged Debtors

Also some reports will already have text present in the "Message" box, so be certain you wish to modify this - for example, on the Patient Statement.

If you wish to add a message to the reports listed above that cannot usually display text, you can add an image file in the same way you would add a company logo to a report. With this method you would use a paint program (such as Microsoft Paint) to write your text and save it as a Bitmap (.bmp) or Windows Metafile (.wmf) file only. Please read the article "T6: Include your own letter heading or logo on printable reports" for information on doing this, and ensure you do not remove any existing logo you may have added to a report - you can display up to two different images on the same report.

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