T6: Change which reports print automatically, and when

This article relates to Transactor 6

Use the 'Printing on Confirm Action' dialog (under the Tools menu). 

  • Choose Tools > Printing Setup > Printing On Confirm Action. 
  • Set up a row for your printout type eg. Despatch Note. 
  • Tick the boxes in the columns corresponding to the Action that should prompt for that report type to be produced (eg. Bookout Ongoing, Bookout Charge) 
  • Choose the default output type for this report, such as your default printer or the preview window
  • Set the number of copies
Now, whenever you put a job into the state you specified (such as Bookout ongoing) your report will be suggested for printing.

For example, to ensure 2 copies of an Invoice A5 is always suggested when you bookout charge a job:

In the Printout Type column, add a row for "invoice A5"
Under the "Book out job charge" column, on the same row where you chose "invoice A5", put a tick in the box
On the same row, choose your printer in the "Output To" box
On the same row, change Copies to 2.


Transactor 6 Help: Reports and Printing/Printing on Confirm Action

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