T6: Email PDF statements or invoices. How?

This article relates to Transactor 6

Transactor V8 allows you to email any report directly from Transactor, but Transactor 6 will require you to create a file copy of your report, which you can then email using your normal email software.

Ask your IT support technician to install a 'PDF printer' or 'PDF virtual printer' such as CutePDF Writer or BullZip PDF printer. The process takes about 10 minutes.


Once you have a virtual printer program installed on your PC you can choose to print to a PDF file instead of to paper. These files are ideal for emailing as attachments. You will just need to print to your "PDF printer" instead of your normal printer, and the subsequently created PDF file can be attached to emails.

When printing Transactor invoices or statements choose "Print Preview", then choose to print to the PDF Printer instead of your normal printer.


When the virtual printer is installing, choose NO to making it your default printer or it could cause you inconvenience when printing your usual documents. Check this from the Windows Control Panel.

We thoroughly recommend configuring the PDF Printer as a Printer Channel within Transactor so that you can save time by choosing this rather than Preview Window which tends to 'Stay on Top' and hide the PDF save dialog. To configure Transactor to do this, choose Tools > Printer Setup > Output Channels. Create a new printer named PDF printer and assign it to the PDF printer. Now you can output to this PDF printer instead of Preview Window.

Ask your IT support technician to check your printers in the Windows Control Panel and help you set up your printing preferences in Transactor

The above solution will allow you to 'print' anything, such as an invoice or statement to a PDF file which can be attached to your emails. Emailing a whole batch of statements or invoices at once is a feature of Transactor V8.

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