T6: Include your own letter heading or logo on printable reports

This article relates to Transactor 6

There are two stages to creating your own letterhead; firstly create your letterhead, and secondly incorporate your letterhead into Transactor. 


Create your letterhead

You will need to create your letterhead and save it in .wmf or .bmp format only. Your computer may already have pre-loaded software that enables you to create and edit pictures, otherwise such software can usually be bought inexpensively. We recommend using a good quality image as lower quality images may appear blocky or fuzzy when printed. If you have a large high-res version of your logo, this can be scaled down in photo editing software to a size that will fit on your report. If you only have a small copy of your logo, and try to scale it up (to make it larger) you may find it becomes blocky.

Once you have your letterhead copy this file to your Transactor installation folder on your hard drive eg. c:\tran61\lab\exe (or wherever else you have installed Transactor).

Incorporate your letterhead into Transactor

  • Click on the Tools menu > Printing Setup > Printout Type Properties.
  • In the "Print Type" dropdown box select the document or report you would like to modify (eg. Patient Statement (A4)) then within the "Print" box in the middle of this screen, uncheck 'Your Lab Name and Address'.
  • You need to insert your logo, so within the "Pictures" box you need to enter the file name and extension and insert the x and y co-ordinates. The co-ordinates determine whereabouts on the page your logo will appear, with X being how far to the right of the page, and Y being how far down. They are roughly approximate to tenths of a millimetre, so an A4 page will consist of 2100 across, and 2970 down. A good starting point might be X: 900 and Y: 100. (ie. 9 cms across the page, 1 cm down)
  • Repeat this for all the documents and reports you want to change. Click on Close when you have finished.

You may need to experiment with the x and y co-ordinates a little to ensure your logo is in the correct position, so you could print test reports to the Preview Window whenever you make a change, rather than outputting to paper.

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