T6: Printing setup

This article applies to Transactor 6

Adding your printer to Transactor

From the Tools menu, choose Printing Setup, then Output Channels

You will be presented with a list of all the methods Transactor can use to output your reports.

Sending reports to the "Batch Queue" will store them internally, which you can then print out at a later date using the Print Manager on the Tools menu.

The other rows on this page can be set up to print to any of your printers. To add a new printer, pick an empty row then enter a name for your printer in the first box. You could name it after the model number of your printer, or give it a generic name such as "Printer A5" or "Printer for Statements". Once you've named it, set the box in the second column to be Printer, then click the "Assign to printer" on the far right of that row.

Within the "Assign to Printer" window, you should select your printer and set paper size etc. then click OK to save it. 

Click OK to close the Output Channels window.

Now, whenever you wish to print, your new printer channel should appear in the list of available outputs.

If you wish to change the output on an existing channel (for example, if you no longer want to use a particular printer, and instead want to send to a different printer) just click the "Assign to printer" button on the row containing the output channel you wish to change, and set the correct printer.

Setting properties of printable reports

You can change some of the settings on the printable reports by using the Tools Menu > Printing Setup > Printout Type Properties.

Choose the report you wish to amend by clicking the Printout Type box at the top left.

You will be presented with a number of customisable options for the selected report, although usually you will want to leave all of these as their defaults. However, the "Message" box at the bottom allows you to add your own custom text to the report. If you have a company logo you can use the Pictures box on the middle right to add your image.

Check the article "T6: Add your own custom text to a report" for more information on custom messages, and the article "T6: Include your own letter heading or logo on printable reports" for help on adding a logo.

Be careful making any changes to the reports, and remember to make note of anything you change in case you need to change it back.

Change which reports print at different stages of the job

To do this, please follow the article "T6: Change which reports print automatically, and when".

Allow or disallow particular reports from printing

Caution is advised as the default settings for which reports are eligible to print at different stages of a job should be correct.

You can alter which reports are available by going to the Tools menu > Printing setup > Advanced > Allowed Printouts for Document States

On this window, there is a list showing the document state in the first column, and in the second column which report is allowed to print when the job is in that state. For example, you are allowed to print a Invoice (A4) when the job is in a "Jobs booked out charged" state, but you will not see it listed for "Jobs booked in" as a booked in job is not chargeable yet.

If you wish to add to this list, click Start New then select the Printout Type then the Document State from the boxes on the right.

If you wish to delete from this list, select the row in the list then click Delete current item.

Problems printing?

If you are having trouble printing, please check the article "T6: Unable to print"

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