Send emails to multiple email addresses at the same practice?

You can enter multiple email addresses in a customer's Email List (in the customer's details) using standard formatting. Separate by semi-colons or commas.

Valid single email address example:

Valid multiple email address examples:;;

Send to multiple email addresses from a Preview Window

Click the Email icon on the toolbar of the preview window. Enter single or multiple email addresses in the To, CC and/or BCC boxes.

Send to a Customer's Email List

In the Customer Edit screen, enter multiple email addresses in the EMAIL LIST box (this is below Primary Email). Follow the rules for formatting as described above.

Now, wherever you are choosing a SEND TO, select 'Customer's Email List'.

Note, the customer's Primary Email box will only accept one email address, so you must use the Email List if you need to specify multiple addresses.

Note also that if you wish to send a document to the primary email, as well as the email list, you will either need to add the primary email address to the email list, or send the document twice choosing the appropriate Send To each time.

SEND TO email addresses can also be set up in the Setup Wizard's "Send To" page. Click the blue help icon on that page or use this link 

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