Remove a recent update

From versions 7.07 and above, the Check for Updates item on the Help menu will allow you to automatically check for updates for your Transactor Desktop.

The update process will involve the download of the update file which you will need to run. The next time you start Transactor Desktop, a snapshot backup of your database is created for safety, then the update process will continue and the new files will copy into place and your database will be updated. If this process fails you will be notified on the screen and you may need to roll back the update to return all your files to their condition before the update.

If the update was a success, but upon using the updated system you feel something isn't right, you can also roll back your files to their condition before the update.

Be aware that if you do roll back your Transactor Desktop to the point before you ran the update, your data will return to that date and time - any work you have entered since running the update will be lost.

This process is only suitable to remove an UPDATE. It cannot be used to rollback an UPGRADE, such as moving back from Transactor Desktop 8 to 7.

  • To roll back your system, use the Maintenance utility that you will find in your Windows Start Menu > Transactor folder.
  • On the Maintenance utility, press the button "REMOVE A RECENT UPDATE".
  • You will need to enter the support password to continue. This is to ensure a roll back is only performed on the advice of the Helpdesk. If you have not been given a password by the Helpdesk, please contact us to alert us of the problems you have been having with the update.
  • Once you've entered the password, you will be asked to locate the recovery backup file to restore from. These recovery backups are different to the normal daily backups you make and are only created during the update process. Select the recovery backup you want to roll back to, they are named in this format:

<company folder>-<old version> to <new version>-<date and time of backup>.zip

for example:

company1-800 to 801-07102017 would represent a backup created on 7th October 2017 at 4:20pm, where your Transactor version before the update was 8.00, and the new version should be 8.01.

The Maintenance utility should automatically show you your available recovery files at the point when you are asked to choose one. If you don't see your files, try looking in  c:\users\public\documents\transactor\updater recovery. If you still don't see your recovery files, there may not be a recovery backup available. Call the Helpdesk to confirm this.

  • Once you've selected your recovery backup, and confirmed you wish to proceed, your Transactor Desktop will be restored to its condition before you ran the update.

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