Cancel a pending update

From versions 7.07 and above, the Check for Updates item on the Help menu will allow you to automatically check for updates to your Transactor Lab Manager.

The update process will involve the download of the update file which you will need to run. The next time you start Transactor Lab Manager, the update process will check you have an eligible Transactor Lab Manager version for the update, and continue to update if your system passes the check.

If you find the update will not install, or your Transactor Lab Manager is stuck attempting to update every time you start it, you may need to cancel the update.

In the first instance you should speak to the Helpdesk who should be able to determine the problem and advise if you do need to cancel the pending update, or if you should roll back your Transactor Lab Manager completely by removing a recent update.

  • To prevent an update from installing, use the Maintenance utility that you will find in your Windows Start Menu > Transactor folder.
  • On the Maintenance utility, press the button "CANCEL A PENDING UPDATE".
  • You will need to enter the support password to continue. This is to ensure a cancellation is only performed on the advice of the Helpdesk. If you have not been given a password by the Helpdesk, please contact us to alert us of the problems you have been having with the update.
  • Once you've entered the password, you will be asked to confirm you wish to cancel any update that is trying to install.

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