I haven't received my email from Transactor

If you are expecting an email from us please check the following:

Check your Spam folder

Your email provider or software may consider some legitimate emails as spam/junk mail based on a number of criteria. Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder for an email from Transactor.

If you find an email from us is in your spam folder, highlight it and mark it as "Not Spam/Junk Mail" and/or move it to your Inbox. Although each email tool is different, it should provide some way for you to mark an email as legitimate so that in future emails from that sender are not sent straight to your spam folder.

Search your emails for the phrase "Transactor"

Use your email software's search tool to search all your emails for a phrase such as Transactor. This should list all your emails with the most recent first. 

Add transactor.co.uk and transactorsystems.com to your email software's contact list/address book

By adding an address to your address book, your spam filter will usually consider emails from that person as legitimate. See your email software's help guide for instructions on how to do this

Check the email address you gave to us

It is very common for people to type in a wrong email address. For example, using @hotmail.co.uk instead of .com. Be sure you gave us the correct email address.

Please allow enough time

In most cases we aim to get back to you within 4 working hours. 
This includes support requests, trial registration keys and update requests.

Try again

If after trying again you still do not receive the expected email, contact us by phone at 0333 4560087.

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