Run Transactor on a tablet or touch screen PC

Transactor will run on tablets and touch-screen PCs if you choose the right operating system and then preferably set your Transactor user preferences Look & Feel to 'Touch tablet'.

Although the 'Touch Tablet' mode does make Transactor easier for touch screen use, if your tablet is going to be used for intensive entry of job information then consider also getting a compatible keyboard or a low-cost integrated desktop PC instead. There are some operations which may be faster using a separate keyboard rather than the tablet/touch screen's pop up screen keyboard.

We recommend downloading the free Transactor trial to get familiar with the different way of working with touch screens. See 'Working with touch screens' below.

Cable Lab Portal

Bear in mind that instead of running the Transactor desktop on your device, you may find the Cable lab portal has the functionality you require. This browser based interface syncs directly with your Transactor database.

More details on Cable here

Choosing your tablet

Most tablets come with Windows, Apple or Android operating systems.

Transactor will install directly on a Windows 8 or 10 Pro tablet (ie. Not Windows 8 RT... If you are not sure then check your tablet has the same Windows desktop that you're used to seeing on a Windows desktop PC). There were some usability issues with windows 8.0 so choose 8.1 or above, or allow Windows to update you to 8.1. Preferably choose a Windows 10 tablet.
Alternatively, use the Cable lab portal via a web browser.

Apple / iPad
Currently there is no version of desktop Transactor for iPads (iOS), but you will find the Cable lab interface is suitable for you via a web browser. Transactor will run fine on Mac desktop and laptops using virtualisation software. See I have an Apple Mac - Can I use Transactor?

Currently there is no version of the Transactor desktop application for Android, but the Cable lab interface should work well for you through a browser on your Android device.

Working with touch screens

Once you have installed Transactor, set the user preferences to the Touch Tablet Look & Feel.

  • From the Tools menu choose My Preferences
  • In the Look & Feel box, choose 'Touch Tablet'.

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