On booking out, print only documents required by that customer

It's possible to create Printing Rules to control which documents (such as job invoices, patient statements...) are printed at any stage of a job. You do this by creating a tag and assigning this tag to your customers. Then, create a printing rule that tells Transactor to only print or email a particular document type if the current customer has/doesn't have that tag.

There is one small caveat and that relates to if you already have any customer tags set up, and what their ID numbers are.

Follow this process to set up the customer tag:

  • Open the Control Centre (from the Tools menu, or using the icon on the toolbar) then click Advanced (at the top left) and then Tags (on the vertical menu on the left)
  • You'll see two white boxes on the right. Ensure "Customer" is selected in the left-most box
  • In the right-hand box you will have all your tags listed, with their "Tag ID" number in brackets at the end of each name. At this time, if you can see any tags with a Tag ID number higher than 14 then we'll need to set this up for you. If you have no tags in the box with a number higher than 14 then proceed onto the next step
  • Click the green plus symbol to the right of the box. This will create a new tag. Give it a name, such as "Requires Job Invoice" then click OK
  • Make a note of the number that appears in brackets at the end of this new tag's name in the right-hand box.

Follow this process to tag your surgeons:

  • Close the Control Centre and go into the details of one of your surgeon accounts that requires the printing rule we're setting up
  • At the bottom right, click on the green plus symbol in the "Tags" box
  • Select the tag you created earlier and click Select
  • Click OK to close the customer's details
  • Repeat the above steps for every surgeon that requires your printing rule

Create a printing rule:

  • Open the Control Centre and ensure you're on the "Setup Wizard" pages by clicking this at the top left
  • Click "Printing Rules" on the vertical menu on the left
  • On the Printing Rules page that appears, click in the "Action/State" box and choose the action when your rule should apply. For example, to alter which documents are printed when you book out complete a job, you should choose "Action: Book Out Completed" from the list
  • You will now see a list of all the reports that Transactor suggests you print at the stage of the job you selected. To add a document, click the green plus symbol
  • Click the Report box and choose the type of report you want to print from the list
  • Click the SendTo box and choose your preferred printer from the list
  • Click the "Include this report if..." box and choose "Customer has tag (xx)" or "Customer has not tag (xx)" from the list, where (xx) is the number of the tag you created earlier.
  • Click OK to save the rule
  • If you already have a printing rule for this type of report, eg. such that all jobs will try to print an invoice on bookout, you'll want to delete that rule by selecting it in the list, then clicking the red cross symbol. This is to ensure one rule does not contradict another.

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