Run a backup

You can back-up Transactor Lab Manager in any of these ways:

  • From the File menu > Backup
  • When closing Transactor Lab Manager, on the confirmation popup, tick the "Backup database on exit" box
  • Transactor Lab Manager V8: From your Windows Start Menu, choose Transactor > Backup Transactor
  • Transactor Lab Manager 7: From your Windows Start Menu. choose Transactor Lab Manager 7 > Backup Transactor 7

Note that if you have a multi-user networked Transactor Lab Manager you will need to run the Backup utility from the Transactor Lab Manager server.

The target location for the backup is shown in the middle of the window. To change the location, click the Change button and browse to your preferred location.

Click BACKUP NOW when you're ready to make the backup.

You can use the question-mark icon in the top right corner of the backup utility to view further help.

To restore from a backup file you made (ie. revert the database back to the date and time of a backup file you made previously), you will need to follow this guide:

Restore from a backup

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