Transfer information from other software

Frequently Asked Question:
"We are currently running [an alternative] dental lab system. Is there any way the information can be transferred to LabManager?"

We may be able to import data from another system, but this will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and will be chargeable.
You may also have some manual data input and/or 'tidying' to do.

We cannot guarantee that every element in your old system can be transferred.

Before embarking on extracting your old data, consider too the benefits of starting afresh, entering your practices, dentists and product list first, then an opening balance for any non-balanced customer accounts (Customers menu > Add Debit/refund, or Add Payment/Credit). Read the Quick Start Guide

If you can supply Transactor Support with some or all of the information in any of the formats listed below then we can analyse this data to determine the feasibility of importing your data.

Please send us:

Customer List
First name, last name, customer ref ID (optional), practice name, practice address, practice tel no, invoice address (if different to practice), notes (optional), tel no (optional), email (optional)

Product List (optional)
Code (optional), description, unit (optional), grade/band name (optional), net price 1 (optional), net price 2 (optional), net price 3 (optional), price N.. (optional if you have more).

Grade/Price Band names (optional)
Grade-Band name eg NHS, Intermediate, Private, Special

Please send files in one of these formats if possible:  Microsoft Excel (.xls), Comma separated text file (.csv), Open Office Calc (.ods), 

Also provide your lab's company name and address. 

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