I want a different report

Even though Transactor Desktop has many built in reports and more selection lists available in the Job Search window, there may come a time when you cannot find a report that provides what you need. Perhaps a variation of an existing one, or a completely new one.

Also consider there are options to change your logo / artwork and custom messages.


  • What to do

Keep your Transactor Desktop up to date, new and better reports are usually added with each version release. Within Transactor Desktop, use Help menu > Check for Updates. Also check the Upgrades page on our website if you do not have Transactor V8.

Check the available reports under the Reports Menu. Use the preview window to see if any suit your purpose, or are close to your requirements. 

If one is close to what you need
  • Keep a note of it
If none of the reports are suitable
  • Check the Job List selector ( Job List button on tool bar. You can change the search options, right click the results and send to preview window)
Submit a feedback idea giving a description of what you want instead. (try to be as precise as possible). Give your email address when submitting an idea, it will not be made public but it allows the forum to keep you informed of the idea's progress. Your idea may make it into a future update.

If you urgently need the report and can't wait for the submit a feedback idea process, consider commissioning a custom report. Contact Us with your requirements stating that you would like a quote. If the report you describe is considered feasible by Transactor staff, we will arrange a quote to be sent to you.

Why isn't it already there and what is the charge for?  

Every business has different requirements and despite responding to feedback ideas over many years, there are still some requirements we haven't been asked for and we've been unable to anticipate them. With potentially thousands of report variations being on peoples 'wish list' not all of them can be implemented, the system would become overly complex for the wrong reasons.

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