Using the 'Include Later Payments' report parameter in aged reports

Reports affected:

  • Accounting > Aged Debtors
  • Customers > Statement (unpaid invoices)
  • Customers > Statement Detailed (unpaid invoices)

This parameter became available from Transactor Desktop version v7.0802.


The new parameter allows a user to include or exclude the effect of allocations from payments and/or credit notes made after the report date.

The 'Include Later Payments' report parameter must be set to "No" if:

The reports are being used in retrospective mode (tax date is earlier than today)
It is desired to compare the report totals with the accounts receivable movements for the same period.

For example, the difference between an aged debt report backdated to the end of Month A, and the same for end of Month B, should tally up with the reports below for the tax date period of Month B:

Accounting - Managers Financial Report: Totals Bal column
Accounting - Summary Totals Report: Total net + total Vat columns
Accounting - Nominal Summary Report: Accounts Receivable Balance

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