Taking a screenshot and annotating it

This technique may be useful if you want to send us a query via email, so that we can see what is on your screen. 

Remember, if you want an entire report or listing to be saved as a file, you can use the Preview window's save icon, or choose the Send To PDF output. For lists, you can either send to the Preview Window, or send to a CSV file.


To take a screenshot of your current screen or window, either:

a) on Windows 10 press Windows key + Shift + S, then draw a box around the area you want to capture. When the notification popup appears saying "Snip copied to clipboard" click on it, then you can edit the image. Otherwise, proceed to step 2 below to paste into an image editor.
b) press the Print Screen (it may be labelled PrtScn) button on your keyboard.  (tip. If you press the ALT key down at the same time, Windows will make a screenshot of just the window you have focused.).


Open your favourite image editor. The free one you may know is Microsoft Paint but there are many better free programs out there, such as Paint.NET

Paste the clipboard into your image editor. eg. with MS Paint you can right-click the white canvas and choose Paste, or choose Edit menu > Paste.


Now you have the image in your editor you can optionally use the drawing or text tool to annotate your screen shot. 

Finally save the file as a JPG or PNG then you can attach it to an email.

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