Configure a cloud drive to backup and restore Transactor Lab Manager data

You may backup to, and restore directly from a cloud drive. For users who wish to work on their computer at the lab during the day, and then transfer the data to their home PC to work on in the evening, this is a very useful ability.

There are many free online cloud drive storage solutions available such as Google Drive. 

Note: Also consider internet remote control in by one or more simultaneous users described in Remote working / Working from home / Other office locations

In the case of Google Drive, once you've signed up for an account at you can install their desktop software to allow automatic synchronising of anything within that drive between your PC and the internet. If you're stuck finding the desktop software, look for the "Download Drive for PC" link when you're viewing your Google Drive's contents.

Once you have the desktop software installed, you will need to create a "mapped drive". This is a shortcut so that Windows treats your Google Drive folder as if it were a physical drive. To create a mapped drive:

  • Open "This Computer"/"My Computer" then click the Tools menu, then "Map Network Drive".
  • Choose a drive letter of your preference, although it's a good idea to pick a letter near the end of the alphabet such as X.
  • Click the Browse button next to "Folder" and locate the Google Drive folder on your computer. On Windows XP it's within your My Documents folder. On Windows Vista/7/8/10 it's located within your User folder. (C:\Users\<your user name>)

Once you click OK, your Google Drive will now be available as the drive letter you specified. 

You can configure the Transactor Lab Manager Backup utility to backup to (and restore from) that drive by clicking on the "Options" link at the bottom left of the backup interface, and locating your Google Drive's letter.

You will be able to follow a similar procedure for any online storage software that allows you to create a mapped drive to the data's location on your hard drive.

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