Release notes for V8.0

The initial release of Transactor Desktop V8.0 was in 2017.

You can check if you have the latest version of Transactor Desktop by using Help menu > Check for Updates. 

Improvements and changes between 7.09 and 8.00

  • CLOUD integration – allows jobs to be placed by practices. Notes and attachments can be added to jobs and read at practices and labs.
  • Notes and file attachments can be added to jobs at any time (without editing the job). These notes and attachments are displayed at the bottom of the Transactor main screen.
  • Bar code scanning - Job Ticket, Delivery Note, Patient statement and Invoice include a Bar Code next to the Job number. Given any of these printed documents, the related job can be instantly brought up on Transactor by scanning the bar code.
  • Job no's now include a prefix character. This is mainly so that Jobs entered via the Cloud portal at practices are differentiated between Jobs added at the lab. Apart from the reserved prefix characters, jobs can also be added at the lab with any other letter character.
  • Price bands can be individually defined as 'Allow custom prices'. This means that you can change the price of a product item without the priceband changing. If a price band is defined as not allowing custom prices, this effectively makes the prices of that band fixed or read only and you have to switch to another price band to apply a custom price.
  • Due Date Calendar – lab closed days can be assigned.
  • Export to CSV file. All selection lists in Transactor have the option to "Export this list to CSV file".
  • New SendTo type of Printer (windows default). This works without the need of 'Assign to printer'.
  • Easier selection of previously used customer. When viewing a job on the main Transactor screen, if you press BackSpace on the Customer box, the job details clear from the form, however, the customer details remain.
  • 'Customer details' and 'Sub Totals' display areas on the main Transactor screen can now include coloured text and backgrounds. eg. The Account Balance shows in RED when money is owed.
  • In the Transactor main window caption bar the /Terminal name is appended to the end of the Company name.
  • Toggle items display using hotkey (Ctrl+D), this cycles thru all the active grid display choices.
  • Customised 'Letter' reports from to Dentist(s) and Practices(s).
  • Snapshots of jobs can be generated automatically. The snapshots are pdf files with a filename of the job number, date and time, containing the main job details. These files are written to a designated 'snapshots' folder.
  • Customer accounts can have any number of designated price bands and one of these set as 'favourite'.
  • Multiple Job Notes can be added to each job. Notes are time stamped & recorded with the user who added it.
  • Improved speed of Selection list dialogs and Batch Report Manager (BRM).
  • Date entry - when entering TODAY + or - number of days, the days was restricted to max 28. Now, the limit is 3650.
  • Text input such as names, addresses, tel no's, emails etc... are now stripped of leading and trailing spaces to help minimise keyboard input errors.
  • Control Centre :   Tidied up, larger, less cluttered. Improved guidance in Reports editor.
  • Control Centre :   Simpler Reports editor which only presents the user with those report items that are not protected.
  • Due Date – option when entering via keyboard, if day only is entered then this defaults to next month if the day is less than than the current day.
  • Job View report improved - larger, spare space for one or more custom field columns. Job Dept is now included.
  • Early Payment Discount (EPD) used in Statement Reports can now exclude non-discountable items. This is settable in Control Centre.
  • Bundled items output on reports: Invoice A4, Invoice A5, Summary Invoice detailed, Summary Invoice detailed monthly, and Statement detailed unpaid - can now optionally summarise the bundle such that the child items are not printed and the parent value is the total.
  • When using the Preview Window to preview a report, if you click the Save to file option, the filename will be the name of the report and target criteria instead of Filename.pdf.
  • Improved FILELINK, you can specify description text rather than the link file specification, and also the properties of the FILELINK item can be edited.
  • Custom field definitions related to Job items have been removed because they are not needed, since they are the same as the Product custom field definitions. This simplifies custom field setup for products. 
  • Report Editor can now print BARCODE's of type BCT-128.
  • The Transactor main window size and position may optionally be saved so that Transactor always starts at the same screen position and window size as when it was last used.
  • Emailing is faster and does not require a Emailer application running all the time.
  • Bug fix: In Selection lists - where if a note column wraps to greater than 15 rows, the whole record entry does not appear in the list. We now truncate the wrapped text to upto 6 rows.
  • Bug fix: Some lists may be in 'case sensitive' sort order where they should be in 'case insensitive' order, these are now fixed by use of the use of COLLATE ads_default_ci instead of _cs in the selection scripts. Also modified some functions to return case insenstive results.
  • Bug fix: Customer Dialog - when changing selection of Customer Type the warning/confirm message mechanism is now much simpler and not confusing.
  • Bug fix: When Emailing from Preview Window the report is sent ok on the first attachment, however, a second corrupt/empty attachment was also attached.
  • Bug fix: Job Item Edit dialog - Allow Line Discount tick box was disabled. This is now enabled.
  • Bug fix: Emailer now sets the From: header of the email to CompanyName <emailaddress>. We think this may be better when scanned by email spam filters. Also the ReplyTo: is populated with the email address.
  • Bug fix: On a multi-user Transactor, for long Company names, Transactor appeared to start ok, however, most functions do not work. This is fixed.
  • Bug fix: Customer History - Advanced selection view. Unpaid column was integer, its now corrected to decimal.
  • Bug fix: Customer details on main form - Displayed Account balance is updated after payments are added and when Customer History dialog is closed (in case payments were deleted while in the history dialog).

Improvements and changes between 7.08 and 7.09

  • Easier to use customer notes.
  • In Selection list dialogs (ie. Customers, Payments, Products, Customer History, Jobs List), columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • The Due date on the main form can be typed in without bringing up the calendar.
  • The calendar shows the number of jobs due on particular days.
  • Discount (if applicable), is applied to custom priced job items. This now works similar to Transactor v6.
  • Debtors letters are available in customer reports - Outstanding Account, 2nd Reminder, Final Notice.
  • New product/line note type of FILELINK. You can link any file to a job line item, the file can be a image, pdf, excel or other type. When you press ENTER on the line it launches the associated application related to the file type.
  • Product/job items can each have a Item Dept, Due Date and Notation. This enables Transactor Lab Manager to work similar to the older SDS Lab2000 program. There's a enhanced Job Ticket and SDS style Work Schedule listing available.
  • Includes a MouthGuard Declaration which can be produced for any job.
  • Improved text fonts, larger dialog windows.
  • Integrated Commercial Module trial via the Add-Ons menu
  • Added Bitemark, DLA and DAMAS logos which can be enabled on the company header
  • New reports: Aged Debtors by Practice, Statement of Work, Statement-Departmentalised, Work schedule by due date and tech/team, Booked in items by Due Date, Booked out completed/invoiced, Sales by product and price band
  • New lists: Active jobs - booked in items by due date, Completed jobs by date range and customer, Completed jobs by date range and practice, Jobs by start date range, Jobs by start date range (practice)
  • Aged Debtors report now available as portrait and landscape
  • Email support for mail servers that require TLS handshake security (BTinternet, Microsoft, etc.)
  • The database and application files can easily be installed in separate locations, making deployment easy at secure sites (such as NHS)
  • Windows elevation (administrator rights) is no longer required, depending on the storage location of the database
  • All the Feedback Suggestion Ideas with status "Completed v7.09" on our feedback site.

Release history up to 8.0

Version 8.00.00
09 May 2017

Version 7.09.01
29 July 2015

Version 7.08 final
22 May 2014

Version 7.07 final
22 April 2013

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