Setting the dimensions for sheets of address labels

Transactor Desktop versions from 7.08:

If you have Transactor Desktop version 7.08 or later you should be able to find your standard Avery size in the list when printing address labels.

For earlier versions, please check the following notes:

For earlier versions of Transactor Desktop:

If you have sheets of labels that you wish to use for printing addresses, you may need to modify the default dimensions that Transactor Desktop uses or your printing may not appear in the correct location on the sheet.

You will need to modify the report you are using, such as Address Labels or Address Labels (Repeats) by changing the table dimensions, by following the steps below:

  • Open the Control Centre by using either the cog icon on the main toolbar, or by going to the Tools Menu > Control Centre.
  • Move to the Advanced settings by clicking on "Advanced" at the top left of the Control Centre screen.
  • Click on "Reports & Tasks"
  • Using the list of reports to the right, find the report you are using for address labels. The Group will be "Customers" and the Name will be "Address Labels" or "Address Labels (Repeats)". Double click on the report you wish to set up.
  • The screen that appears contains all the instructions Transactor uses to produce the report. You will only be able to make changes to the instructions shown in blue, so double click on the line "210 - Define table cells/page" to begin editing.
  • You will need to change the text in the large white area to match the dimensions of your labels. This text is 5 numbers, separated with commas. Each number represents a dimension as follows:

For the example text of:    2,7,100,40,5

2 = Number of columns on the page

7 = Number of rows on the page. (2 columns and 7 rows would make 14 labels per page)

100 = Label width in millimetres

40 = Label height in millimetres

5 = Width in millimetres between each column of labels.

  • Change this text to match your particular label sheet dimensions, ensuring you only use 5 numbers separated by commas. Click the OK button when you're done, then OK again to close the report window. Click Close to close the Control Centre.

If you run the report Address Labels (Repeats) you will be prompted to enter the "number of labels" for the report. You can use this to print fewer labels per page than you would normally - so if you have already set your labels up as 2 columns and 7 rows, entering 10 in this box will cause the report to only print 5 rows over 2 columns - so only 10 labels rather than the full 14 labels per page - the remaining 2 rows will be left blank.

If you wish to use all the labels on the page, ensure you enter the total number of available labels per page in this box.

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